Who is HashWatt?

We are a highly efficient and profitable US Bitcoin mining company with a powerful energy advantage that can expand from 50mw to 200mw as opportunities grow.

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About the Company

HashWatt, Inc., a Delaware corporation, is a US-based Bitcoin mining development company that has secured long-term rights and all relevant energy-related regulatory approvals to purchase electricity directly from the largest waste-burning power plant in the United States and to lease property at the plant site so that energy purchases are made without any grid-related risk and without any risks related to the operation of a power plant.

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The Company’s Energy Agreement is Highly Unique

HashWatt’s energy supplier/partnership enables the company to geometrically expand by “tapping” directly onto the power plant outputs where we mine, thereby achieving the lowest prices, and not exposing us to grid pricing/regulatory risk. 


High altitude, high latitude, cool climates with prevailing wind enables effective environmental cooling without electricity waste.


A partner that not only controls power generation, but also fuel source, logistics, waste disposal, and land reclamation.


Small relative energy use footprint compared to plant generation capacity with the opportunity for expansion.


Triple redundancy with two separate boilers and grid-based backup.

HashWatt’s Mission Statement

HashWatt will continue to build on our successes to further mature as a large-scale, highly profitable, ESG friendly, legally compliant, U.S. Bitcoin Mining company with a Powerful Energy Advantage. We apply best-in-class practices, rigorous business management, and rigorous execution to the Bitcoin markets, in conformity and compliance with U.S. laws, rules and regulations.

The company’s goal is to expand further on the journey into a large-scale, highly profitable, ESG friendly, legally compliant, U.S. Bitcoin Mining company with a Powerful Energy Advantage.

Why HashWatt?

What Sets Us Apart as a Bitcoin Mining Company

Hashwatt’s Management Personnel

Derek Pew

Derek Pew
Executive Chairman and a Director of Hashwatt

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Kenyon Hayward

Kenyon Hayward
Co-Founder, CEO

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Joseph Thompson

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Joshua Robinson

Joshua Robinson

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Mike Burns

Mike Burns
Board of Directors & Chief Investment Officer

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Hashwatt’s Non-Employee Directors

Linda Fonner

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Andrei Kirilenko

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Rudolph Reinfrank

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Hashwatt’s Story and Bitcoin Background

Bitcoin, the first successful, modern, decentralized currency, was introduced in 2009. Bitcoin’s success has been significantly due to its architecture which relies on a digital public ledger system called blockchain. Blockchain is a digital history of every transaction in the coin. Instead of a central bank, blockchain requires computers around the world to verify transactions to ensure there is no duplication of coin use.

The decentralized computers that verify blockchain transactions are called miners and they search for blocks of transactions that require verification. In Bitcoin, every ten minutes, competing miners submit a block of discovered pending transactions and deliver the blocks into a mathematical puzzle. The first miner to find a solution delivers it to the rest, and, if a majority approve, the block is attached to the ledger and the miner is rewarded with a “Block Reward,” which is a payment of a certain number of coins of the cryptocurrency being mined.

Growth in the cryptocurrency is through the issuance of Block Rewards. The marking of new transactions is done through what is called “hashing” because it is performed through the hashing algorithm that permits new blocks to be introduced into the chain.

The effectiveness of blockchain as an alternative to traditional centralized banking systems has led to the creation of over one thousand different crypto currencies and the development of trading markets for those currencies against each other and against traditional currencies.

The most significant variable cost of mining is electricity as a large number of application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs), graphics processing units (GPUs) and central processing units (CPUs) are used to mine blockchain transactions and require large amounts of energy to perform that function.